Ready-to-Install, Fully Assembled Shade vs. Sunlight Optimization System for Commercial Greenhouses

Total Sun Optimization (TSO) System

TSO Green Sun Tracking Module
TSO Green System Features
  • Advanced sun tracking & shade management functionality
  • Extremely lightweight shading blade design
  • Low-profile, nearly transparent blade frame minimizes shade
  • Blade has 360° articulation capability
  • Flexible, plastic film solar panel design

Innovative Shade vs. Sunlight Optimization System for Crop Management & Power Generation

Experience our revolutionary technology integrating a ground-breaking automated crop and shading management system with power generation- all designed to maximize harvest yields and minimize operational costs for commercial growers. Our mission is to elevate farmers’ revenue and economic stability while helping to meet the world’s growing agricultural needs.

Optimize crop yield for any plant type with precise shading vs. sunlight management.
Benefit from affordable, scalable shade management on new build commercial greenhouses.
Gain independence from high operational costs of electricity by generating affordable power.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the specs of the Shading Blade?

  • Lightweight and thin at 2.5-3mm
  • The shading blade is tolerant to high density variable shading conditions
  • Frame is clear for maximized sunlight control
  • Rigid, designed for ¼” deflection across 2.5m spans
  • Durable and sealed on all edges

What are the specs of the HiFi Sun Tracking Module?

  • Water-resistant drive system enables precise 0-360-degree rotation of TSO Shading Blades
  • Articulation at precise angles optimizes greenhouse floor lighting
  • Requires minimal vertical space
  • Lightweight (<3lbs/sqft), mounts under various greenhouses
  • Anodized Aluminum-6061 alloy frame maximizes sunlight, offers strength, longevity
  • Optimized dimensions for up to 12-meter spans
  • Designed for optimal sunlight efficiency
  • Chemical-resistant to standard cleaning compounds
  • Fully assembled for quick installation with pulley system
  • Easy servicing and concurrent cleaning with greenhouse routines
  • Supports dark-sky initiative proximity to market

What warranties are included with the system?

Our Shading Blade and HiFi Tracking Modules come with a 10-year craftsmanship warranty and a 25-year performance warranty. Our proprietary Shade Management software also comes with full expert support.

What is the implementation time?

Implementation from shipment arrival to fully installed and operational can range from 2-4 weeks, depending on greenhouse size and complexity of facility.

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